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How To Make Motorcycle Forks Longer

Can you put longer forks on a motorcycle?

In general, bikes will happily accept forks that are up to 20mm larger than their designers intended. Feel free to go beyond that if you must, but be prepared for a bike that the manufacturer didn’t really intend to create. That doesn’t mean it will suck, but it’s just something to be aware of.

What do motorcycle fork extensions do?

Now you can get a longer front fork without having to install longer inner fork tubes. These fork tube extensions replace the stock fork tube caps and are made from solid, hi-grade steel with a chrome finish. Fork tube extensions are sold in pairs.

How do I raise the front end on my motorcycle?

For raising the front of your bike, a fork lift stand raises the bike by lifting from the bottom of the fork legs. Another slick option is a head lift stand, which uses a pin that fits inside the bottom of the steering stem to raise the bike.

Can I put 150mm forks on a 120mm bike?

If you are one who likes to test things and push boundaries and if the frame was no longer of any value to you using a 120mm fork, you could give the 150mm a go and see what happens. But just be ready for the worst to possibly happen. It is possible, nothing will prevent you from doing so.

Are fork extensions safe?

Are Forklift Extensions Legal? Forklift boom extensions are legal, but they come with rules to prevent accidents. They should not exceed 1.5 times the length of the forks and must be able to support an evenly distributed load of three times its rated capacity.

How can I improve my front suspension?

Raising front suspension is achieved by pulling out the fork legs from upper triple clamps. This results in increase in castor angle, higher trail ratio, slight increase in wheel base, higher seat height & higher center of gravity.

How does fork height affect handling?

Raising the forks changes the head angle, as does lifting the rear by reducing sag. Bikes with steeper (more vertical) steering heads respond more quickly and precisely to steering inputs than bikes with shallower (less vertical) head angles, and with less tendency to push the front end.

How do you lift the front end of a motorcycle without a stand?

Using car jack: Another effective method involves using a car jack. In this trick, you simply place a wooden block under your bike’s side stand and then place the car jack on the other side. Forward the side stand to ensure the front wheel is well lifted off the ground.

What is fork height?

Fork Tube Height 1- Fork tube height is the amount the outer fork tube ( excluding cap ) sits above the top edge of the triple clamp. Raising or lowering the tube height will effect the handling of the motorcycle.

What does raising the forks in the triple clamps do?

Fork Height in Triple Clamps Most notably, it lowers the front of the bike and steepens the steering rake slightly. Lowering the forks in the clamps will raise the front end, lessen the rake, and transfer more weight onto the rear of the bike. This can make the bike more stable at speed.

Can you slacken a head angle?

Anyway… just fitting a longer fork or a deeper head-set lower cup/talle crown race will slacken the head, but it’ll also cant the seat angle back slightly which will move your weight backwards and, potentially, screw up steep climbing ability and weight distribution on the bike.

Does increasing fork travel Reduce reach?

Slackened the head angle by about 0.9 degree. Decreased the frame’s reach by about 15 mm. Increased the frame’s stack by about 10 mm.

Can you put a 130mm fork on a 120mm bike?

Nope. It will be fine and will take more than 10mm to make an appreciable change. You might notice the handling difference, but it will be slight and won’t negatively affect anything.

Do I need 160mm travel?

160mm of travel is only really needed if you’re hitting big hucks, or you’re smashing really long bouldery fast descents. Do I need 160mm travel? 99% of the time, no.

Is 130mm travel enough?

130mm is the sweet spot if you want to get rowdy on a bike that still climbs well. You can do a lot more than you think with a 130mm of suspension travel and you can always use volume spacers for more support. 140 is also pretty reasonable. It will almost certainly be plenty.

What is the rule for fork extensions?

OSHA Guidance for Forklift Fork Extensions These are a few safety rules to keep in mind when using fork extenders. 1) Forklift fork extensions must not exceed 1.5x the length of the fork. 2) Only use extenders that match the width of your forks. 3) Never exceed the load capacity printed on the fork extenders.

Can a lift truck with a 6000 lb capacity at a 24?

For example, a forklift rated to carry 6,000 lbs at a 24″ would have a maximum load moment of 144,000 pounds. This equation is useful for determining if an unusual load (e.g., one longer than 48″ or with uneven weight distribution) can handle safely.

How do you increase suspension height?

3 Ways To Increase the Ground Clearance of Your Vehicle Purchase Larger Tires. One of the easiest and most popular ways to increase the ground clearance of your vehicle is to invest in larger tires. Install Coil Spring Spacers. Invest in a Suspension Lift Kit.

Is lowering your motorcycle bad?

Motorcycle experts will always advise against lowering the front of your bike for both safety and functionality. You can get away with lowering only the back if you’re going for function, but for appearance, many of you will want to lower the front to match it.