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When Does Michigan Adventure Open 2021

Michigan Adventure opens for the season on May 29, 2021. WildWater Adventure Waterpark will open on June 19. This year, park hours are 11 am – 7 pm. The park is closed on Tues & Wed.

Is Michigan Adventure Open 2021?

Michigan’s Adventure and WildWater Adventure Waterpark are now closed for the 2021 season. Please note that Michigan’s Adventure and WildWater Adventure may have different opening and closing times. 2022 Season Passes. Get your Season Pass including unlimited visits in 2022, exclusive discounts and more!.

What’s open at Michigan adventures?


Why is Michigan’s Adventure closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays?

The 250-acre theme park in Muskegon County, 4750 Whitehall Road, will be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The park hasn’t operated a seven-day schedule since 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic. Only the water park was open four days a week last summer. “We’re trying to balance our calendar with our customer demand.

Is Michigan Adventure limiting capacity?

Some rides will be closed as a COVID-19 precaution, but there won’t be limits on ride capacity for those that are open. Unlike previous years, tickets are only available for purchase online, and a reservation is required.

What day does Michigan adventures open?

Muskegon, MI – WildWater Adventure waterpark at Michigan’s Adventure is set to open the 2020 season on July 16 with stringent health, safety and hygiene protocols in place to protect its guests and associates.

Is there a Six Flags in Michigan?

Six Flags Michigan is a theme park located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is currently owned and operated by Six Flags.

Who owns Michigan Adventure?

Cedar Fair Entertainment Co., which owns multiple amusement parks including Michigan Adventure in Muskegon and Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, has announced its 2021 upgrades of new rides, celebrations, and themed culinary events. Overall, Cedar Fair owns and operates 13 properties.

What time does Cedar Point open tomorrow?

Daily hours are 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Two-day Michigan saver tickets to Cedar Point Shores are sold online for $79.99.

How many roller coasters does Cedar Point have?

From 17 world-class roller coasters to three areas filled with rides and attractions for kids and families, Cedar Point is your ultimate destination for fun.

Is Cedar Point Open 2021?

Cedar Point kicks off its 2021 season Friday, officials for the Sandusky, Ohio, amusement park said. The park, which also postponed its 150th anniversary celebration, will hold its Celebrate 150 on June 26th with a parade and street party. May 13, 2021.

Is Michigan Adventure busy on Labor Day weekend?

The amusement park, located in Dalton Township, is open from Memorial Day through the Labor Day weekend – a very busy time for Jourden-Mark and her husband, Steve Mark, vice president of maintenance and construction.

Does Michigan Adventure sell alcohol?

Find Domestic Beer and Wine at Lakeside Beer Garden in Michigan’s Adventure. Soaring through the air on Lakeside Gliders at Michigan’s Adventure can really take it out of you. We get it. That’s why we opened Lakeside Beer Garden right beside it.

How tall is shivering timbers?

After hopping into a seat and strapping in, you climb, climb, climb to a dizzying height of 125 feet and then plunge down a whopping 122 feet at a 55-degree angle, leaving your stomach far behind you.

Does Michigan Adventure have military discount?

Military personnel can purchase up to six discounted tickets for immediate family members for only $27 each. Just bring an active military ID, DD-214 papers or a veteran’s designated driver’s license to receive these tokens of our military and armed forces appreciation.

How tall do you have to be for Michigan adventures?

When Wolverine Wildcat opened, the name of the park was changed to “Michigan’s Adventure”. The layout was inspired by the Phoenix at Knoebels Amusement Resort. Riders must be 48 inches tall to ride.

Does Michigan Adventure close if it rains?

Michigan’s Adventure does not close due to poor weather. On rainy days, some rides may close for safety reasons, and will be re-opened as soon as safely possible. If lightning is overhead, all rides will close until the lightning passes.

How much are lockers at Michigan Adventure?

If you’ve brought your phone or other gear, you can stash your stuff in a locker. These lockers are located at the front entrance of Michigan’s Adventure, and inside the water park, and cost $10-$30, depending on the size of the locker and the day of the week.

Is Michigan adventures open on Memorial Day?

Michigan’s Adventure amusement park will be open for guests Saturday.

What city is Michigan Adventures in?

Michigan’s Largest Themed Amusement Park and Water Park in Muskegon.

Is there a Disney World in Michigan?

Disneyland Michigan Resort is the Disney theme park located on the north side of Michigan, and opened in 2027.

Does Michigan have amusement parks?

Michigan’s Adventure is really the only major amusement park in the state. There are some smaller parks and family fun centers, however, that offer rides and other attractions.

Who owns Knott’s Berry Farm?

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company.

How many people died at Michigan adventures?

MUSKEGON, Michigan (CNN) — An amusement park ride spun off its axle and collapsed Monday evening, injuring 26 people and stranding riders on the damaged attraction.

Where did 6 Flags get its name?

The park’s name was a nod to the six flags that had flown over the state at various times–France, Spain, Mexico, the Confederacy, Texas and the United States.

How many people died at Cedar Point?

In 1989, two boys leaped out of the Logger’s Run ride, also at California’s Great America. One of the boys died. Certainly, blame cannot be leveled at the park for this incident. Unfortunately, the naïveté of young and foolishly adventurous boys was responsible for this tragic event.

Do you have to wear mask at Cedar Point?

A face covering for each guest. All guests age 2 and older who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear face coverings while indoors unless actively eating and drinking. Face coverings for guests who are fully vaccinated are recommended but not required.

Is Cedar Point busy in May?

May. If you want light crowds, a good time to visit is on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during opening week in late May through the first week of June. During this time, weekends are generally moderately busy, but come June, the summers crowds start to kick in and the weekdays are busy as well.